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Posted on: January 22, 2010

Ohh my I’m so excited. Kitchen is on its way and things seem to be moving. I went to get the color palettes’ and oh boy so many choices too lil’ time and not enough walls or room to do all of them. This task was made easier since I near the colour ranges of what I want and my inspirations helped narrow down on what to select. So I quickly picked up the palettes I wants about 6. I have warm, rich and calm. The colours are Dutch gold, Classic whites, Thai magic, Candy love, Rum caramel and Soft Maplewood.

Right now the Dutch gold is out. Candy love for the kitchen. Classic whites for the living room. Rum caramel or Soft Maplewood for the bedroom.

On my way back to the office passed through one of Dulux color centres and was given two price lists. One Nigerian dulux and the other imported. Apparently the imported one covers more space than the Nigerian one and cost more than twice the Nigerian one. So am I going cheap or imported? All i know for now is I want to get dulux paints will get the standard colors.

I haven’t had time to research on this but was told eggshell is semi gloss. Yet I’m sure that I read somewhere I should use semi gloss kitchens and bathrooms and eggshell in living rooms.

So was given or told new paint types to use and I saw one neat sort of painting type. It’s called special effect hope shade and gang can do it else I’m getting dulux people to do it. So I scheduled an appointment with them for tomorrow at 8 and shade is due here at 9. Hope she will be late.

Have sort of decided on what’s to be painted where. My only issue is since I’m replacing the textured paint (only comes in 20 litres and DH didn’t like it as well) with the special effect is that my colours are a bit too light for the special effect to show.

Was playing with the idea of two paints on one way and worried that i don’t have a focual point and i came across this. I so love the idea.

so neat hey.


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