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mirror mirror on the wall

Posted on: January 22, 2010

Todays Inspiration board im on mirrors i did check out the price and wont say for how much but i love. and i also picked up one more thing i loved as well. my kitchen tap. was tempted to get new sink as well but hey Nellie you dont want to be bankrupt after this. DH was telling me how everyone is cutting down on costs and i`m just spending away. i thank God for his blessings that in these tough times i dont have to cut back but i know i have to save so every month i put away money. i have a target you know my own house.

My new faucets. isnt it pretty.

Inspiration board

Arent these neat and cheap too but the review wasnt so good. Yes i read product reviews just to know what im getting.

I want to use this by the front door. I want something neat and functional as well. somewhere to put photos and keys. That way I don’t need to turn the house upside down looking for the keys. I always promise myself will get a table to put keys especially when i have to pick up my keys from the floor because DH has dropped mine on the floor so that he locks the door on the way out.

on my mind as well for the door was that I use a mirror and I wanted one of those neat wierd looking mirrors. I have these mirrors two round and two square that I brought  from home. I wanted souvenir from my wedding so took those and now i have a use for them. Will design it tomorrow and put it up.

see how im just loving this. im regretting why I didn’t do it sooner.


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