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Posted on: January 22, 2010

So yesterday wasn’t really a good gay for me. Maybe because I had slept Wednesday night kinda heart broken kinda pissed. My FB status was set to culture shock because I couldn’t understand how black people could be so white on some things yet the ones which have no moral value they hold to dear heart.

I should have anticipated the differences between where I am and where I come from. But what was shocking was the way it affected me. Right to the core of my being. So I went to bed feeling defeated.  So Thursday was a bit down.

I don’t quite remember what i did as far as the house uplift I did. I seem to be getting better and better at google sketch up and I guess it’s quite relaxing as well. So did this

Not much I know but I was impressed every time I got something right. It reminds me of TD or TG technical drawing or technical graphics. I wonder are they still using the TD sets or it’s now all computerised. I loved it hey but wasn’t courageous to take it up. Taku did thou!! Zvake lucky her, she followed up her dream. Now I just need to find time to perfect my skills.

The decor lady came her name is Shade. She came with sample tiles and she only had four only imagine in this world of tiles. So I picked up one type just in case. Had decided will just go to Mushi but apparently hubby said no. It’s a no go area and when we were driving home he told me a story about his college so again he scared me shitless so decided to just use the ones I had picked earlier on.

I showed Shade what I had in mind and frankly told her I want what I want I can compromise (tiles) but I don’t like surprises. She did give my neighbour a surprise that she did like but I didn’t care for it. She was trying to impose colours and ideas on me but really I want what I want when I know what I want and in the mean time I don’t like what she is offering.

Seriously if it was up to me would have not hired an interior deco. Why pay someone to mimic what i want to the painters and tillers.

So was late for a meeting so gave her 18k for the tiles so that can have them in this weekend as by next week my kitchen would be in yipi.


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