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Posted on: January 20, 2010

Today spent the better part looking for inspirational bedroom and living room ideal colors. for the bedroom i want that hotel feel of 5 star hotel feel utter luxury, it has to be heavenly like. so was quite disappointed that the day had nearly ended and I had nothing and then just as i was to give up I see a home makeover for a basement apartment and i decided to google the colors and alas the colors i want and im very much drawn to. so my search is over I know what well I will change my mind but so be it.

This is my living room inspiration.

I did manage to learn a couple of things today one of the interesting things is “monochrome of color” . This is an example of it and the one im going to use throughout the house. though some shades of cream are missing.Quite neat and interesting was actually got me thinking i should start interior deco lessons. Why not I don’t have anything to do or lined up this year and would really help when I do design my own house.

I actually love this and maybe I could turn it into a part-time career. Theres a girl who has actually told me she wants to start a real estate company and refurbishing old house and do decor and then resale. Food for thought for me just help people with their houses etc.

I’m just hoping I will pull this one through though. I just hope it wont be too much and I wont hate it. Well hope not. My christmas vacation and valentine gateway is not just going down in drain.

So I better be serious. back to my latest discovery I`m meeting the deco lady tomorrow so better ahve my inspiration board ready.

tomorrow is another day



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