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Posted on: January 19, 2010

well I have been such a busy girl and really i aint a 9ja wife lol from what Yemi tells me ( have I told you i used to believe everything that he says coz I trusted him so much but now i take whatever he says with a pinch of salt coz im guessing he tells me things to sort of use reverse psychology on me like in this instance) 9ja wives are constantly looking for ways to save money and hardly spend money at all HABA!!!!! so tell me who buys all those things out there I wonder. so the none 9ja wives the Nellie like wives chop and chop money yes im forever coming up with ways to chop money lol

but not in this case this is something i should have done way back but i was busy listening to Yemi and waiting for him. I will take pictures of the walls and you will be amazed how I was staying in such a dirty house. the paint is flat and boring and a green color the green aint pretty as well.

so this is what I found out about colors well color types for

  • kitchens use semi gloss,
  • living rooms eggshell and semi gloss as a trim (wonder where i will put the trim)
  • bedrooms  – a water based flat paint (wonder what that means)
  • passage – semi gloss

my question is now should i paint my ceiling???

back to master bedroom. i have always wanted a chair to seat on in the bedroom but ont really have anywhere to place it and as i was cleaning the bedroom yesternight i found the prefect place.  I need to move the TV close to the chest of draws and that will hide all the cables i hate looking at and place the club sofa (hi hi hi i didnt know that was the name till i got to houseandhome). perfect place. Will move the tv tonight and measure to see how big the space is.

have narrowed it down to about three choices only have pics for two.

the third one is a bin sofa – havent really tried them out but at house and home they seemed pretty comfy and what i like about them is i can drag it to the living room and use it there as well but the price she told me umm it’s too much 65k naira for one thats insane really more than $400 for one, im sure they are cheaper at game and elsewhere.

came across this isnt this just devine, really which could get something like this but have to remember that i have my own house to save to that way when i move in will have enough money to do buy and do decor at once. but that goal wont stop me from dreaming


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