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Posted on: January 18, 2010

since kenny is working on the kitchen cabinets, i decided to move to the next project painting my house. so this afternoon i was busy trying to look for inspiration fotos. one thing i do know is that i want my bedroom to feel like a hotel room. so i have a couple of ideas im running with but not sure how will do that. im thinking the bedroom will do high curtains u know like from the ceiling all the way down etc umm i loving it and dont think should cost much ohh my i cant wait. will hunt for hotel fotos i have with the idea im in love already and i will need to change the hidious curtains i have in the bedroom umm yemi will just think im wasting money but since im here to stay might as well make it lovely. shouldnt cost much as well. will talk to kenny but right now need to put my ideas on paper lol. i hope we wont move soon esp with the way Yemi is behaving. shit dont know why i waited this long for this.

so food for thought

  • living room colours
  • bedroom colors
  • hallway colours
  • repaint doors yes yes
  • get someone to clean staircase i hate it with a passion
  • remove carpet by the washing machine and replace with tiles as well as bathroom our bathroom only
  • remove carpet in the bedroom closet
  • redo bedroom closet for more place and remove the that horrible wardrope with the dust God i hate it with a passion. yemi will have a fit but im sure he will love it at the end of the day.

i better be logging off dont want to drive in traffic



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