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Wednesday 13.01.10

Posted on: January 15, 2010

Today got the local guy to come to my office and i forgot my cheque book to give him deposit. I asked hubby for his cheque book and was told 101 stories so decided to give the guy cash. Trying to write this but this guy wants to chit chat about Zimbabwe and I’m one person who couldn’t care less about politics. Imagine thought he was going but he is still here asking me when I’m taking him to Zimbabwe. Now he has asked me to go to Dagry beach don’t get him the guy means well he wants me to fell at home in Lagos but now that i have decided to finally starting write this blog i need him gone now lol. N he is going yes going and gone whew finally.

So where was I? Ok giving the guy cash. The guy turned up but with no samples that i had asked him to bring na wa oh for him but good for me (since really giving him cash i wasn’t amused by it had to go the bank etc atm only has 60k limit and wanted abt 100k for him.) . So he suggests he comes to my house with the samples tomorrow morning (need i tell you i had once seen the samples but i want to look at them again and decide for good which ones i want.) and also take measurements. He goes and I have my breakfast u will laugh im trying to lose weight lol but seriously so anyway for breakfast i have a French roll with chicken mayo, garkins and tomatoes and slim coffee yep you read that right slim coffee. Lol wow im really getting the hang of this. Well wont mention how i made the roll on top of the microwave hence my need for a new kitchen.

I need to list down the things i want to talk about so that i won’t forget. Now can’t come up with the list. Will just open up notepad and type if i ever remember.

Am back so i went to the bank to make transfers and remembered that if i write a cheque the money will come out of my current account and will be charged cot. Have vowed wont pay cot again its abt 5% of the amount on the cheque hell no will give this guy cash. But 100k is too much cash to give someone,. Have it in my purse already will need to bargain with him tomorrow morning. A thought occurred to me what if something happens to him what will i do. Have used the guy before and it was in stages and not so much money but now i want my kitchen like now today in fact i want it at one go. Hope he won’t give me his 3weeks speeches. Especially since i plan on enjoyn the kitchen soon:-)

From bank to Builders mart (seriously i should stop watching house and greys anatomy i just felt a lump and its painful if i touch it close to my ear could it be cancer God i pray not. Do i call and tell Yemi opps not after he just chated back at me thats he is surrounded by a crowd. hint for leave me alone ;-( im busy. Well Hubby is another whole blog on his own no will stick to my kitchen ventures and dailys runs.) yes at Builders mart saw the tap ok faucet I like and price ok too can do that but was side tracked by the kitchen tap i want for my own house (yes i already have plans and pictures of what i want and yes when the time comes i will change my mind but im sure they will be along the same lines. Anyway its about 410pm and i want to leave early I’m so tired. So the tap of my dreams cant belief its only 40k naira ( about 250usd) in naira thats cheap i remember checking it out on the web and decided too expensive for my tiny wini kitchen so its for my dream house but looking at 40k naira I’m thinking it’s doable. I have grown up before would just have bought it but i need hubby to think im not just a spender he really doesn’t like me buying and i love to shop and buy especially nice things that I will use every day. Well till i get over them and that’s usually quickly.

They didn’t have ceramic tiles which was why i went there in the first place but i managed to see these cute wall tiles. Issue is colour is only orange, white and green and i dnt want green or white so orange it is therefore i have chosen my kitchen color take note its orange for now.

As i was driving away from there i saw right across the road there is a furniture shop and i drive there only to find nothing of interest really except the stools i want well used to want. They have been in this deep purple blue like color and they are only 18k naira and with discount about 16k naira and that’s 32k instead of 60k i had budgeted for. Its tempting but the colour umm i remembered Tom from dress my nest saying that my furniture doesn’t have to match and i have seen all these modern looks and they have plain colours and then something bright that just stands out of the way lol. Thank God i have realised the err of my ways if it was before June last years ( where i got my rude awaking) i would have bought and replaced them later if i dnt like them. Todays Nellie will look at it and pounder over it and try and imagine if the look will go down well with me. Anyway on my way back to the office i saw where the sell beds i parked at an eatery (yep funny word) and decided to go by a drink so that the security guy wont harass me about parking there so i took a stroll to the bed place was hesitant at first but realised its actually safe and neat unlike all the places people where saying i go so got in talked to the slaes girl – Hope. So im going back there tomorrow with my measurements she was just talking about bed sizes and i told her queen and she has two sizes for queen so have to take measurements. Can u believe this i can have it custom made like if i want 20 inchs thickness i can get it and the price you wont belief it ist only 17k from the 200k i had seen in park and shop this is surely a bargain then gain the ones in Park and shop are tempur an import and wasn’t really interested. So hubby had told me 35k for the bed so i will use all of it for and custom the mattress reason being my bed is sort of sunken so a thicker mattress will do the trick. So i decide to pass thru my first place of choice for the kitchen but the guys never get back to me on time etc and im thinking how many pple go to them especially were they are located etc and my kitchen will inspire lots of people hi hi hi. So they do have ceramic tiles but not the sort i want but might end up getting there because the area where i can get variety its a no go area so I’m screwed the ones they have are not bad I like them so they will have to do unless i see something better. I tell the sales girl that tell ozuma that i had droped by to look at my options and while i talking to her i see red i mean read this devine red cabinets not sure if i had seen them before so i ask her whether they are in stock and she says yes. Mind you i have already given Kenny – the guy im meeting up tomorrow at my house the go ahead his cheaper and really should have given him the go ahead before but i wasn’t too sure but hey im not prepared to spend more than this so they will have to work. I just have to tell him to round all edges hubby had a thing for hurting himself on the bed which the guy made as well. I need to ask him for gloss finish even with his colors im sure we can paint them or he can paint them im sure its will cost me more but im loving the red kitchen so my kitchen colour at the end of today is RED lol wonder what tomorrow has in store.
4.35pm i really need to go so i will quickly do a spell check before i go.



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