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Thursday 14.10.09 kitchen saga continues

Posted on: January 15, 2010

So today will start off by letting you all know that white is now the official kitchen colour. My cheape cheape guy had very few options and all of them are so off even for the gloss. So decided on the white gloss and was thinking of mixing colours but the ones he had are so not on. So white it is. I have seen white kitchens out there tiny and huge and i have a plan to break the white. With the orange I saw remember the orange i saw for the wall tiles yep will use that. My issue is now with the floor and wall colour. So its white cabinets and blackish granite countertop. What colour walls I know the floor will have a bit of the orange tiles issh that will be costly. My initial plan was to use the orange to break the colour on the wall but just on one side but i have an empty wall by the stove which I will need to colour as well.

So today my to do list

  1. Get as many pictures as I can of white kitchens and see how they break the colour
  2. Go get hubby breakfast I forgot to make sandwiches today excitement of the kitchen plan now in action the carpenter was at my house nice and early oo
  3. Go by bed well order custom made bed hi hi hi ok it’s just the mattress I need it thicker hope it’s not one of my blonde moments. Need it to be 13inchs thick
  4. Redo the kitchen layout and attach it here.

So now I’m off to go get breakfast with a firm reminder I need to lose weight.

Do I need to redo my appliances as well just saw this picture of a white cabinets and red walls and appliances?? food for thought.

Well I hope i will have a better looking kitchen with the same concept this is just an idea but am working with. I don’t red will do me justice but orange will definitely not be so bright. Umm which reminds me i need a painter before the kitchen cabinest are in and they are in on January 30ths thats about 2weeks from now. wow i can’t wait. But seriously have to decide on the colours today well by Saturday morning so that Saturday when the tile person comes i will just go along with him and pick up the tiles i want. Have to drag DH – dear husband – there because he had said no before but thats a thing of the past Saturday will be a new day.

Finally think have sorted out my kitchen colors so officially as at 12.22 its red white and black.

So there are white red and black. I’m not sure i like the white wall on the last two but like the tile concepts and i don’t have a red fridge umm should have insisted on one really then again i didn’t know my kitchen colours the silver one will have to do. So far so good i just need to have a backup plan coz chances of me finding red ceramic tiles r very slim especially since i only have about two weekend to get it done.


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