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Friday 15.01.09 – kitchen floor colours definately ceremic tiles

Posted on: January 15, 2010

So today i woke up on the wrong side of the bed and was trying to tell me his yesterday sagas because yesterday i wasn’t really in the mood was stuck in traffic and vowed that I would clean up bedroom change sheets etc and then run. So by the time i got home was somewhat tired. I did the bedroom for an hour plus and had to redo the duvet coz i had mismatched the corners was bulky on one end and empty on one end decided to do it and by the time i was done had a nasty headache think due to the pimple on my ear mind you its not a pimple but a lump inside can’t see it outside and its sore when i touch it decided to sleep and said a lil prayer for God to forgive me and welcome me with open arms in heaven if I’m to die in my sleep yep thanks again to all the medical staff i watch on tv. Which reminds me do i really need HD DSTV? The advert is tempting me and reminds me that i haven’t switched on the surround system wish it could automatically come on with the tv like it goes off when i switch off tv yes thats just how lazy i can get. Anyway have told hubby i want it but do i need it. But hey it’s just the two of us and  inst it these are some of the benefits of putting off kids so as to get the lil extra luxuries in place before the kids i know technology changes every other day but do i care i think not. Lol.

So while lazing in bed this morning hubby asked me if i was expecting anyone this morning (umm i decided not to get annoyed just because he came in yesterday does it mean he will be coming in today early as well) so i answered as politely as i can that no he is not but he is coming in tomorrow with the tiles guy.

DH: so he does tiles too

ME: no. I said he is coming with the tile guy. So can we go to get the tiles tomorrow?

DH: ok so will tell these guys (work related) that I’m not coming in.

ME: (im thinking really) no need for that it won’t take long will ask them to come in early so that when done can go to the guys. So can we go?

DH: ————————- meaning up to now i don’t know wether he said yes or no. But the truth is we are going to go. He won’t be happy but we are going.

Im the person who rather goes and makes a choice and DH is will leave with what’s available or do without So tomorrow we are off to yaba or wherever the guy takes us and in his car. My car doesn’t go to those places only nice orderly places lol.

Ok so today since i have narrowed down my colour choices to white, black and red or orange. I’m trying to decide on the floor tiles i want to have. So am busy goggling for some ideas. I have seen this not the colour but concept

Kinda feel it’s too much. So whilst trying to write this I’m finally listening to some sketch up tutorials since I need to visualise my kitchen before it’s done. With the IKEA home planner and having issues with floor and wall colours etc.

This was the original design I had when I saw the orange cute tiles from builders mat

But am not sure I want white walls throughout like here. So I’m also trying to look out for what to do with the side of the stove that doesn’t have any wall cabinets. 😦


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