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My tiny winy kitchen…1

Posted on: January 14, 2010

First and foremost who spends 3kUSD on a rented apartment to refurbish it I’m not sure anyone i know ohh well besides me. Ever since i moved in I had always wanted countertop/ work tops in this kitchen even one would have done. I was constantly looking out for ways to hang up my microwave as it takes up much of the lil counter top I have. Here is the link to the current kitchen so I’m sure all you will be convinced I need to redo this kitchen.

so i set out with my december holiday package of 2k for tthe holiday that i really couldnt go to the places after dubai i dont think i can go anywhere else really so have decided one major holiday a year and then use time shares for the rest. but as i got quotes i realised my 2k budget was a far fetched dream so finally settled on a 3k budget which will do the trick but mind you it doesnt include all the lil extras i want.

since i started this blog towards the end of the kitchen project i will try and post some previous entries when i get home. mind you im not saying today i saying when i get home lol but will try i promise. im not really a person who likes to live in the past unless they r grudges but i am trying to let go of that. i am trying to be a better person and live for today and readily forgive others and not punish them.

so will try and come back here to add more inform.


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[…] Click here to see kitchen before pictures and and this post for how it all started. […]

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