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The time is finally here for us to put up the wedding portraits. Nearly two years after the wedding. Yes yes I know. It was a difficult journey getting to this point. Taku knows the story and I will tell it some day. Planning to get them printed tomorrow. Could actually print them myself but I  can’t find photo paper.  Hope will remember to check at Game tomorrow. Going there to pick up my mirror. Maybe I should have them deliver it in case it breaks on the way yes will pay for delivery and my mirror is safe and will have man power to carry it up stairs. Hope they come on time so that I can get help to put it up.

Have to decide which pictures I want to put up. It’s amazing that these days before I do anything I have to Google. How did I ever and can I ever possibly survive without Google?

I got these hey and they got me thinking. That instead of the mirror I do something like this.

Saw this as well it`s adorable. I just love the wall paint. Wonder what it is. Too late now I`m not changing mine.

Will definately do this for your daughter. Need to give her a name abeg.

Went through a couple of photos from the wedding and picked out a couple I want to try for the living room. I only have about three 8 by 10” that I want to put on the wall besides the front door. Praying they won’t fall. Initially had thought of wall art but I need to cut down on my expenses. So will put up the mirror and about two or three of these.

Unity candle - lets keep the fire burning baby

laughter is the best medicine

I love this one


not too sure

Which one do you think its best?


Omg my kitchen walls are red and I hate them with a passion. I had one of my blond moments when I went to buy the paint and now its going to cost me. I had chosen a nice light pinkish color but when i was buying the paint I had one of those im not a pink girl drama queen moments and choose this red color. and I hate it.

i really do hope when the cabinets are in it would look ok. I couldn’t sleep last night thinking of ways I can change that color without costing me more.  So all my ideas went down the drain so guess now i have to spend. I’m thinking of buying a local eggshell and mixing it this red guess will get an orange or at least a lighter red color coz this one is damn ugly. What colour should i paint this door. The brown aint really doing in this striking kitchen.

All my colours are wrong they aint as what they seem to be on the color palettes. I shouldnt have been a cheap stake should have just bought the color samples and save me the hassle. The gray i wanted it’s too light more like an ugly white. So im going to by a darker shade of the grey one and have them mix it up hopefully will become a bit darker for the sharp contrast I wanted.

Heres part of the house they have painted so far

I love the new color though it needs a second coat. The walls were badly done and really needs a second coat hopefully it will cover them up well well. the second photo shows a really nice contrast between the new beige and the old green really nice hey but I hate that green wall. So dirty you can’t even clean it up its gets worse than better.

this is neat hey and i have frames that I’m going to put on those pillars Yipi. hope it wont look too over done. The doors are gong to be painted. The door frames have been painted the colour is too light  hey.

so today i woke up feeling have energic and eager to get ready for tuesday painting. so moved all the kitchen staff into the pother two bedrooms and thats when i realised i need to make space for my trademil. It`s to leave my bedroom and its so gone into the other bedroom. i cant believe it was taking uo so much space in the bedroom. that bedroom is huge which means i have enough space for a princess chair and a small table. though right now i just want to concentrate on the sofa.

afte texting back and forth with Shade she sent someone over to clean the kitchen. i was so excited till the guy finished. i have never seen such poor workmenship. Shade is definately local and has no eye for little details and im so pissed. I really have a good mind to ask her to redo it. the guy wasnt following any logic he just laid them like he was being forced and yet im paying for the services. told shade and she gave me a reason which i decided to ignore she aint serious.

i also saw that the ceiling wasnt properly painted the guy was just running the brush well tomorrow they will hear me. they will have to do a great job even if it kills them.

i have to go

xo xo

Issh my kitchen and house revamp my very own clean house is underway. I have pictures of the current state of the kitchen & house. The ceiling has been painted. Could have been having a fully painted house but alas I didn’t want to get their paint so I went to get the paint and the paint store was closed. Saw a notice outside their office wasn’t amused so my progress has been halted n she is leaving on saturday for one trip an dthere no way i will wait till she gets back.  Should I wait till she comes back or run away from work during the week or leave her here by herself in my house. What to do?

I`m also watching a horror movie well actually Yemi is. He was sayn he is hungry but doesn’t seem too keen on going out to get food guess I have to drag him to go get. There’s no way I can make supper now. Guess he is hungry I spoke too soon coz just heard baby I’m ready when you are. Will drag him to the island I think for some chinese yes pliz or maybe to that nigerian place close to my office ya maybe that place.

Gees have a nasty headache

Fotos tomorrow will be home alone the whole day.

Which reminds me just saw Toyin downstairs coming from baby shopping ohh wow she is so into it hey and it hit baby is the ultimate project!!!

Food for thought think Yemi is scared!!! He aasked since when do u talk about babies hi hi hi and he sure knows once i have set my mind on something i do anything to get it. but the question is am i ready for a baby? lol

the pictureis from my dinning area and it was a mess so moved the staff into the other rooms. I would want to say im organised but if i have to do the work myself im not at all. What a shame really.

this is the sneak preview of the kitchen floor. hope will love it tomorrow when they clean it all up.

Todays Inspiration board im on mirrors i did check out the price and wont say for how much but i love. and i also picked up one more thing i loved as well. my kitchen tap. was tempted to get new sink as well but hey Nellie you dont want to be bankrupt after this. DH was telling me how everyone is cutting down on costs and i`m just spending away. i thank God for his blessings that in these tough times i dont have to cut back but i know i have to save so every month i put away money. i have a target you know my own house.

My new faucets. isnt it pretty.

Inspiration board

Arent these neat and cheap too but the review wasnt so good. Yes i read product reviews just to know what im getting.

I want to use this by the front door. I want something neat and functional as well. somewhere to put photos and keys. That way I don’t need to turn the house upside down looking for the keys. I always promise myself will get a table to put keys especially when i have to pick up my keys from the floor because DH has dropped mine on the floor so that he locks the door on the way out.

on my mind as well for the door was that I use a mirror and I wanted one of those neat wierd looking mirrors. I have these mirrors two round and two square that I brought  from home. I wanted souvenir from my wedding so took those and now i have a use for them. Will design it tomorrow and put it up.

see how im just loving this. im regretting why I didn’t do it sooner.


Posted on: January 22, 2010

i watched 2012 last night and don’t know if im to be scared. It didn’t seem like it was fiction. So I googled 2012 and……….. Please google 2012 (if you were like me only to be informed by a great movie), you will be amazed. so really is there a thing like the end of the world and as a christian am i suppose to believe in days like this thou im sure the end times are in the bible.

Am I to be scared? Am I to save money for one billion euros per seat?

Ohh my I’m so excited. Kitchen is on its way and things seem to be moving. I went to get the color palettes’ and oh boy so many choices too lil’ time and not enough walls or room to do all of them. This task was made easier since I near the colour ranges of what I want and my inspirations helped narrow down on what to select. So I quickly picked up the palettes I wants about 6. I have warm, rich and calm. The colours are Dutch gold, Classic whites, Thai magic, Candy love, Rum caramel and Soft Maplewood.

Right now the Dutch gold is out. Candy love for the kitchen. Classic whites for the living room. Rum caramel or Soft Maplewood for the bedroom.

On my way back to the office passed through one of Dulux color centres and was given two price lists. One Nigerian dulux and the other imported. Apparently the imported one covers more space than the Nigerian one and cost more than twice the Nigerian one. So am I going cheap or imported? All i know for now is I want to get dulux paints will get the standard colors.

I haven’t had time to research on this but was told eggshell is semi gloss. Yet I’m sure that I read somewhere I should use semi gloss kitchens and bathrooms and eggshell in living rooms.

So was given or told new paint types to use and I saw one neat sort of painting type. It’s called special effect hope shade and gang can do it else I’m getting dulux people to do it. So I scheduled an appointment with them for tomorrow at 8 and shade is due here at 9. Hope she will be late.

Have sort of decided on what’s to be painted where. My only issue is since I’m replacing the textured paint (only comes in 20 litres and DH didn’t like it as well) with the special effect is that my colours are a bit too light for the special effect to show.

Was playing with the idea of two paints on one way and worried that i don’t have a focual point and i came across this. I so love the idea.

so neat hey.

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